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With a deep and fiery passion Michael helps people discover all their inner resources and potential, to create internal and external freedom, to achieve control and to own their life, to pass on a legacy where we all contribute to a better world, a community built on respect, care, cooperation and love. 

As an authority in life management strategies, Michael works with a results-driven focus to assist, coach and mentor his clients in developing their mental and physical resources and ability to achieve amazing continuous successes, on their path to excellence and mastery.


His long term vision is to be a part of creating a better world, a community, where respect, compassion, care, cooperation and love are the dominant forces, not conflicts and wars.  A world where we work together to achieve greatness, freedom and abundance.  A world eliminated from poverty, characterized by inner and outer freedom.

Michael's mission in life is to continuously learn and develop personally and professionally, so that he may contribute to a better world by learning, sharing, teaching, coaching and mentoring people from tyhe basis of his own experiences.  Michael teach and assist his audience to eliminate the limitations in thier life, and inspires and mentors them to grow their internal power to reach their visions and dreams.

His passion is to see the amazing progress in human and personal development, the elimination of limitations and the development of resourcefulness, the excitement in people achieving their goals by committing to change, exellence and mastery.


Michael has helped hundreds of thousands of people with structure, methodology, processes and strategies to systemize, automize and becoming more effective and efficient.  He has an incredible gift for seeing the soluitions to a probem and keeping the focus on the desired results, while facing challenges with a solution mindset that everything is achievable.  He has provided his services to companies like Akzo Nobel, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Hewlett Packard, Astra Zeneca.

Michael's early career

Michael started his career as an IT system manager in 1987.  He then continued to advance within the IT-area; as a consultant, project manager,  and service manager  He has had a number of roles in IT, ranging from operating engineer, through project management to major roles as service manager and IT manager for major multi-billion dollar worldwide companies.  Besides working as a consultant with the IT-area, he has also owned and managed several companies with hundreds of employees, both in Sweden and abroad.

Personal development, mastery education & coach

Michael has been engaged in personal development since 2001 and has become an authority on how to achieve outstanding results by understanding how the world works and what rules govern the universe. He is a certified coach within the ICF and certified life and business coach within NLP.  He has read hundreds of books, attended and listened to over 1.000 educations and seminars in the area of personal development, excellence, mastery and coaching from sources and teachers like Anthony Robbins, Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Chris Howard, Earl Nigtingale, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyodsaki, Tad James, Wayne Dyer & Zig Ziegler, among others.

As a complement Michael is engaged in a travel and adventure business - one of the best ways to create experiences, memories and happiness in life.